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Aimed to artists and designers, the BACCPrize The Shape of Wine was created for enhancing, promoting and giving new impetus to the clay and wine sectors, organic elements that have maintained strong ties between them over the time. We want to offer a new reading to the "container" through the ceramic material, a container in which aesthetic fascination has its own importance, not less than its functionality.
For these reasons, the Bacc Prize is for artists and designers whose works will be brought to the attention of a qualified jury, made up of critics, museum directors and representatives of Industrial Design. All of the works will be documented in the exhibition catalogue.

A prize pool of € 8,500.00 will be awarded to the winners together with Artist Residencies, with the possibility of accessing to the selections of the 5th edition of the BACC2022 Contemporary Ceramic Art Biennial.

The Ceramic Sculpture interprets the Wine.


DEADLINE 16/07/2021


How to participate


1. The art work in contest

  • Each artist can present a work with a maximum size of 100 cm³ and a weight not exceeding 70Kg. 

  • The work must be carried out mainly with clay (at least ⅔). 

  • Other materials can be used to supplement and complete the work, as long as they do not exceed ⅓ of the total. Any technique is allowed. 

  • It is mandatory for the artists to declare that the displayed works are materials (products) of their own genius, made in the last two years and not presented in other contests.

2. Submission and deadline of the Application Form

  • Artists who want to take part in the competition must send the Application Form by 16th of July 2021, sending IT together with the payment of € 20.00 for the registration fee. 

3. THE Catalogue

  • The printing of the catalogue will be an exclusive care of the CONTEMPORARY Association to which the artists assign all the reproduction rights of the works upon participation. Likewise, the artists authorize the photo-, film-, tv- or digital- shooting of their works, and the uses that the Association will decide for the purpose of promotion (posters, postcards or other) of that competition and other cultural activities. 

  • It will be upon responsibility of the Artists to forward adequate photographic documentation before the shipment of them works, together with a technical-descriptive sheet of them. 

  • Send three (3) color images of the work: these must be in professional HD format, on a white background and in TIF format not larger than 5Mb (300 dpj, base of 20 cm), via to 

  • Name the photo files according to the following string: 

"Surname, Name, Title of the work, sequence number of the image"

Example: Rossi Mario vasella 01. 

  • The photographic quality must be such as to allow a clear overall vision and a defined reading of the three-dimensionality of work. 

  • The deadline for sending photographic material is 16th of September 2021.

4. The exhibition set-up

  • The exhibition set-up will be the sole responsibility of the CONTEMPORANEA Association.  

  • In the case of installations or works particularly complex, the artist is required to participate or send indications that clearly illustrate the methods of arrangement of the work directly to the Head.

5. Insurance

  • The CONTEMPORANEA Association  provides the insurance policy of the places and the exhibited works.

  • The CONTEMPORANEA Association  DOES NOT provide in any way to ensure the works during the ALL transport (r/r), nor during handling and preparation that may be edited by the Authors.

  • The Authors will be able to provide, at their own expense, to ensure the works at a Company of their liking against any damage they may suffer for transport, handling and preparation.

  • In the absence of insurance, the artists must renounce any claim against the Organizers, and the places / exhibition spaces for any damage that the works may suffer during transport and for the entire period of the event. 


6. Shipping of the Work

  • The work must arrive by 16th of September 2021 at the deposit:

Domus Park Hotel, Via Tuscolana 15 Frascati (RM)

  • Shipments are paid by the authors.

  • Simultaneously with the receipt of the works, the authors will be informed of their suitability based on the requirements stated in point 1. The art work in contest of this Guidelines.

  • If the piece of art is NOT suitable, the organizers reserve the right to exclude it from the exhibition.

  • The excluded works can be recovered by the authors.

  • In the shipment, as well as for the direct delivery of the works, compliance with the minimum safety standards in the handling of the same is required, and  to pay particular attention to the packaging methods (it is preferable to use wooden crates with adequate packaging protection), as well as to comply with international directives (regarding customs transit) for works arriving from non-EEC countries.

  • For Extra EEC shipments it is mandatory to follow the legal provisions.

  • If a work arrives at the contest in conditions such as to compromise its vision, it will not be exhibited. 

  • The authors can recover the work in competition only at the end of the Exhibition.


7. Waiver of Return

  • In cases of renunciation of the return, these works will be taken over for free indefinitely by the Association which will dispose of them in total autonomy and with full ownership.


8. Possible donations

  • The will to donate the work can be exercised only after admission to the final phase of this competition and communicated to  CONTEMPORANEA Association and IRVIT which reserves the right to accept donations or not.     


9. The Assignments

  • The works will be judged and awarded by two different commissions: The first one, consisting in the Prize Jury. The second one, consisting in Popular Jury, which will be able to express its preference during  the exhibition.

  • The works will be evaluated during the course of the event and the prizes assigned in the closing ceremony dated on 28th of November 2021.

  • The prizes differ by "judging commission" as follows:

1st classified BACC Prize - assigned by the Prize Jury 
of € 3,000.00 and Artist Residence, for a total period of one month in the first half of 2022.


1st classified ex aequo BACC Prize - assigned by the Popular Jury

of € 3,000.00 and Artist Residence, for a total period of one month in the first half of 2022.

2nd Classified BACC Prize - assigned by the Prize Jury of € 1,500.00.

3rd Classified BACC Prize - assigned by the Prize Jury of the € 1.000,00.


  • The winning works will be taken over for free indefinitely by the Association which will have them in total autonomy and with full ownership.

10. Privacy

  • All personal data of the competitor of which the Association has come into possession during the completion of the competition procedure will be used for the performance of the Prize. The data will be used and processed, both with traditional and digital procedures, in compliance with the "Code regarding the protection of personal data" by the Association as can be seen from the content of the Guidelines itself.

  • To exercise the rights inherent in the use and storage of personal data established by art. 2 of the aforementioned Code, the interested party may contact the President of the Association.

11. Changes and cancellations

  • Exhibition dates and venues may be changed, as well as the event itself may be postponed or canceled at the sole discretion of the CONTEMPORANEA Art and Culture Association and IRVIT which are exempt from any recourse, as well as exhibition venues, institutional and commercial partners. are exempt from any recourse for cancellation or modification of the BACC Prize - The Shpe of Wine event.

  • The registration for the competition implies acceptance of this Guidelines in all its 11 points.

Registration for the "The Shape Of Wine" contest implies acceptance, in all 11 points, of these regulations.
The Court of Velletri is competent for any controversy


Take part in the competition >

Registration fee € 20.00
The registration fee, as a

guarantee fund, will be returned

upon delivery of the work in competition
(subject to the requirements,

as indicated in

point 2 of this Guidelines)

Payment can be made via

PayPal and credit card



Deadline for submitting works in contest


Deadline for receipt of works with descriptive materials (photos and description sheet)



Start of Exhibition.


End of Exhibition and Prize Ceremony.


Take part in the BACC Prize - The Shape of Wine.

Galleria di Villa Mondragone - M.P. Catone

Scuderie Aldobrandini per l’Arte - Frascati

16th of October - 28th of November 2021

Registration fee € 20.00

The registration fee, as a guarantee fund,

will be returned

upon delivery of the work in competition

(subject to the requirements, as indicated in

point 2 of this Guidelines)

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